Best Fitness Nightlife Event Ideas.

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Combining a fitness and nightlife event can be a fantastic way to have fun. In addition, you also get to burn a lot of calories too. Traditionally, fitness nightlife events are specifically targeted to families. In addition, family gym nights are part of PTAs and PTOs in many parts of the world.


Online Personal Trainer Keith says, fitness nightlife events can be a fantastic way to get your gym members hooked. A lot of people do not enjoy working out strenuously at the gym. But the same persons will jump at the thought of a party. In fact, wellness clubbing is growing steadily in popularity. The seamless blend of nightclubs and fitness has become so popular that it has a name – gym and tonic.


So what better way than to introduce fitness nightlife event ideas to your clients?


Here are the best fitness nightlife event ideas for you to consider.


Yin yoga session with electronic music.


Yin yoga is a combination of Chinese medicine principles with traditional yoga. However, practitioners of yoga hold the poses for extended periods. So how do you combine this with electronic beats? It sounds odd enough.


However, if you ask Bodhi & Ride of Bond nightclub, Melbourne, they will say otherwise. The duo is one of the firsts to introduce yin yoga with an in-house DJ. The combination of deep breathing and electronic beats can be weirdly hypnotizing. By adding upbeat music to the yoga sessions, it provides a full sensory experience to the patrons.


Dance classes.


Introducing a dance class as a nightlife event is nothing new. However, Zumba classes with a DJ and live music are increasing all over New York. This is not only great for your clients but for business owners as well.


The dance class with a DJ in a nightclub is an excellent opportunity to work out for the clients. On the other hand, the event provides an opportunity for dance instructors to teach classes.


To make the dance event at the nightclub even more fantastic, try incorporating these elements. Laser lights and glow sticks can transform the overall environment of the nightclub. You can also have the wellness clubbers sip on green smoothies and vitamin water to replenish the liquid.


Theme parties.


Everyone loves  a fitness themed pop-up parties. The themes can be as wild as your imagination can allow. Themed parties can be anywhere at your local club to the local gym.


Theme parties are not only a great way to motivate your patrons. They get to work out and have fun as well. Moreover, parties can be a great way to meet the social needs of your clients.


To add some structure to the wellness party, consider a session of dancing. You could bring in a special guest such as a well-known instructor to keep up the fun. And of course, no party can be complete without a great DJ!


An increasing number of people are opting for healthier lifestyles. Millennials, in particular, are skipping the bar altogether for wellness clubbing. Although this movement is relatively new, gym and tonic or wellness clubbing are sweeping everyone in the UK to Australia and everyone in between. So check out the fitness nightlife evenT ideas that we have listed for you here.


Best Fitness Nightlife Event Ideas.

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