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Re-defining the purpose of a party by bringing forward the right forces that formulate the same and take it to a proper dose of fun and excitement.

DJ Party

Beats and tunes that make you move are all that you need to have a good time, as you begin to vouch for the dance floor.


With multiple options and categories to choose from, the bar is all set to enlighten your spirits and take you to the right stage.


Head back to the restaurant to stare at a menu filled with mouth-watering delights and recipes that are ready to rock the party.

Events Schedule

Take a look at all the events that are lined for to take things up a notch and help you understand the real purpose of having a good time.

A special set filled with surprises and unexpected turns is all that you need to lighten up the weekend and make it last for as long as possible.

The mind-blowing venture that is well on schedule to hit you with the right tunes because a party is never complete without the same.

Get nasty and get real as this party is one of a kind experience that you may never want to miss out on.

Activities & Things to do

Proceed to enjoy the night with a bunch of activities that are on par with the aspects that keep you happy and smiling for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Come forward to witness credible moments that are going to formulate the experience of a lifetime.

Nighlife Program

Our programs for the night are aligned with a particular fact that stands to highlight the true meaning of stating that the ‘night is still young.” Hence, get things sorted because this party is about to begin.

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Take a look at all the moments of fun that have kept people partying without thinking about tomorrow.

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Essential Steps to Run a Successful Bar


Overcoming the many challenges for running a bar is crucial to its overall existence. While these challenges need to be faced, you can always manage to come out of it, provided you implement the right set of steps. Yes, that’s right. Proper and critical steps stand to take the ground of importance as they bring forward a model of success that needs to be maintained. So to help you formulate an idea of the same, here are essential steps required to run a successful bar.

1. The Basics

The basic set of steps that you need to follow revolve around keeping your bar stocked, evaluating the highest purchased drinks, providing essential items and so on. Keeping your bar stocked goes beyond drinks as you also need to offer bar napkins, glassware, liquor pourers, cocktail mixes, straws and stirrers, etc. By adding them to the table, you will be able to make the most and provide your customers with all that they need. Apart from that, you should also evaluate the most sought drinks and ensure that it is available all the time.

2. Cocktails

Creating a signature cocktail is an essential mode of attracting customers and helping them explore some unique tastes. While popular drinks like rum and whiskey are also part of the list, bringing forward a few cocktails can make matters move in the right direction. Cocktails are drinks of the youth, and making it available will help you garner a customer base that is wide and distinctive. But creating new recipes and cocktails without considering demographic and tastes will be a huge mistake, and you need to ensure that you avoid the same.


3. Happy Hours

Hosting a happy hour is another way to attract customers and bring them down to your bar at low prices. When their favourite drinks cost less, customers will be more than happy about purchasing it and continuing to stay. As a result, they might even be present beyond happy hours, and thus you can begin to charge the regular price. But to make such things happen, your menu for happy hours should be inclusive of everything, and all types of customers should benefit from it.

4. Events

Trivia, karaoke, open mics and so on are a few examples of events that could be hosted at your bar. Scheduling them along with your sessions of happy hours, will be ideal for the formation of loyal customers. The type of events that you host need to be exciting and should keep customers busy. Due to all that, the need for planning emerges, and it is essential that you follow things accordingly while prepping for an event.

The Best Party Wear Dresses for Girls

Best Party Wear Dresses

Groovy music and dance sessions require a different kind of outfit based on the general theme or purpose of the party. Due to the number of options in this regard, it might be hard for you to select one and show up at the party on time. For that very purpose, we are going to tell you all about the best outfit based on the theme of each party. From birthdays to a house party, we have all that you need to rock the floor. So go ahead and read them out.

1. Birthday Party

Let’s start with the most common one from the list, i.e. a birthday party. For such occasions, it is best to be simple since it is not your birthday. A crop top and skirt or ripped jeans and shirt, skinny jeans or hot pants with a leather jacket and so on are all exciting choices that can help you be simple. If you wish to add a little extra, then boots also go along with these outfits.

2. Pool Party

A pool party requires you to bring forward the idea of casual dressing, and you have an array of options to choose from. A few among the list include floral one-piece, shades, fedora and platform heels or flats, shorts with a cold-shoulder top and so on. But if the party moves ahead to include the pool, then you must carry a swimsuit or a bikini. Based on your sense of styling and comfort, you can move between these choices.

Pool Party

3. Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties tend to share a thing or two in common with birthday parties, with the first one being the fact that you cannot steal the show. Due to that, sporting anything casual and fun will be a great way to mark the occasion. You can choose from these options that include a jumpsuit or a satin dress, LBD, a lace dress, etc. Considering the need to click a bunch of photos, it is vital that you choose the dress that suits you.

4. House Party

The kind of activities that are included in a house party ranges from beer pong to charades. As a result, the chance for a theme may not be on the cards, and you can proceed to wear whatever you feel like. Be it a maxi to distressed jeans or a shirt dress to leather pants; the options tend to be countless. But in case the host wants a theme to be set up, then these options might not be of any help. Dressing up based on the theme is quite easy, as you can be innovative and move forward to explore different options.

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